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Review: Cassano's Pizza Packs E-mail
Written by Dean Neitman   
Sunday, 24 October 2010 22:53
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Recently, I decided to try one of Cassano's pizza packs from our local pizzeria. These pizza packs consist of the makings of a complete pizza including premade frozen crust (not the traditional Cassano crust), bag of mozzarella cheese, a can of sauce and bag of pepperoni. They come in 3 or 6 count packs and you can add other toppings for an additional charge.

So we get the food delivered. With delivery, I spent $16 total on the 3 pizzas pack. First thing I noticed was the crust. Its thicker than the traditional thin crust and frozen of course. The pepperoni didn't seem the highest of quality meat and after tasting the sauce, it was clear it wasn't the same sauce that Cassano's normally use either.

I bake one pizza for testing. I added some bacon and banana peppers from my own food supply and I also salted the baking pan to "try" to get the taste close to Cassano's pizza as possible. I let it bake for called time and seemed to be done as expected when I removed it from oven.

First bite and I am disappointed. The crust seems like cardboard compared to what I expected. Taste is ok but honestly, I have had frozen pizzas from the supermarket that cost same and taste better plus offer better crust. The cheese even seemed wrong. It clumped after melting and didn't like being cut with a rolling pizza cutter.

So, yes... you can make a meal out of it and it is edible but you are sadly going to be disappointed if you expected anything close to the original Cassano's pizza. I would never recommend this deal to any friend or family and suggest they just get frozen pizzas from supermarket instead. Lessoned learned here. I had heard they had this deal a long time ago and quit. I think they are hoping everyone forgot how bad they were and would try them again so they are back lol.

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Dean Neitman Written on Sunday, 24 October 2010 22:53 by Dean Neitman

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