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Photography Tip 4: Consider Going Wide E-mail
Written by Dean Neitman   
Sunday, 14 November 2010 00:22
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City SceneConsider using a wide angle lens when shooting a grand scene such as a skyline, harbor or dock scene. It creates the illusion of vast space beyond what we see with our eyes and helps to separate the foreground from the background. Zooming in compresses that difference.

A wide angle lens is also a nice compliment to most architecture shots. The increased field of view will allow you compose more of the structure into a frame while emphasizing and exaggerating perspective lines and angles. Getting close to tall buildings and shooting upward will help emphasize the height of the building. Shooting from a 3/4 view will create a dynamic view that adds interest as well.

Tired of the same old flat profile shots of cars and trucks? Grab a wide angle lens and look for new angles. Try standing at a corner of the bumper, go wide as possible and shoot the car at a 3/4 view. The wider the field of view the more dynamic the car will become. Try also lowering the camera and focusing on the leading lines of the side of the car as they flow to the rear bumper.

Dean Neitman Written on Sunday, 14 November 2010 00:22 by Dean Neitman

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