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Written by Dean Neitman   
Saturday, 29 January 2011 06:07
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Federal Mirror

Federal Mirror

A look at the federal building in downtown Dayton, Ohio and its reflective mirrored glass.


I had taken photos of this building in the previous year only to be hassled by a federal guard whom informed me that photos of this building were prohibited. I knew that wasn't correct and informed him I was on public property and knew my rights.

This time, I had documents in my camera bag which proved I had the right to photograph this building and was prepared to display them if needed. I had just taken this shot and was walking down the street with my bluetooth headset on and almost didn't notice a guard approaching me from behind as I was looking for another building to photograph.

"Sir, I am federal employee what was informed from the guards that you were photographing the building and I have to ask why? You're not in any trouble." he quickly noted, "I just have to ask why you were taking photos of the building."

I immediately realized that this person must have known I had the right to take the photos and was only asking about the reason so I politely responded. "I thought it was nice architecture, especially with the reflection of all the glass. I am shooting lots of nice architecture in this area, not just the federal building."

That was all that was needed and he seemed to be satisfied as he walked back to the building after replying and nodding "ok.". So, maybe the word about photography rights has made its rounds. They can ask why but then again, if the photos were being taken for malicious reasons, do they really feel they would get a honest answer from the person in question? Better yet, do they really think that person would even shoot photos so close where they could be spied upon or interrogated? No, they would be sitting blocks away with telephoto lenses or better yet, in front of a computer using Google street view. Once again, fear overpowers logic and reason.

Dean Neitman Written on Saturday, 29 January 2011 06:07 by Dean Neitman

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