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Designing for a Good Cause E-mail
Written by Dean Neitman   
Thursday, 25 April 2013 09:09
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Camp Twin LakesI don't normally like to work for free but when it is for good cause, I've been known to make exceptions. I made that exception for Camp Twin Lakes recently. They are a nonprofit organization that caters to special needs children near the Atlanta area.

It was earlier this year, I had met many new people while attending some Meetup hikes. After becoming acquainted with a couple of the hikers really well over a handful of hikes, I learned one of them was a chef for Camp Twin Lakes.

After learning I was a graphic artist, he mentioned that Camp Twin Lakes had just started a farm and was wanting someone to design a logo. He explained that because they were nonprofit, he couldn't afford to pay and was hoping that the freelance design could be a donation.

I decided it was a nice chance to help those who are less fortunate and gladly accepted. They provided me with a general idea of what they wanted such as icons to represent the farm offerings and the inclusion of the main Camp Twin Lakes logo and the need for "farm" as the key element.

Adobe Illustrator to rescue. I decided to try to keep the logo vector as much as possible to allow the work to be upscaled as much as needed for a variety of applications. It was also decided to reuse their simple color scheme from the original logo to maintain consistency with their identity.

I spent a little more than a week in the evenings when I wasn't working as a digital advertising director for Atlanta Journal Constitution completing the art. It started off as a handful of ideas that we eventually picked one idea and just developed it more to fit their vision.

Finally, we had a finished piece that was approved. I was told everyone really loved it and appreciated my help.

I know from my advertising experience, logos are often used in a variety of ways. Because of this, I made sure to provide a few different color options such as a solid white logo on transparent background that works on dark backgrounds. I also provided a solid black and blue version should they have a need just for single color such as t-shirts or other advertising. Then, I took all those versions and saved them in various file formats such as .pdf, .eps, .tiff, and .jpg so they would have a file for almost any need. I even went as far as to save low resolution versions for web use.

To make sharing and downloading the all the files easy, I opted to use my Box.net account which is a cloud based storage system much like Dropbox but a little different. From Box.net, I provided them with an email that contained a link to their own personal storage area with all the individual files for download plus a zipped file of all the logos together. They can now access that folder whenever they need any of those files and even share the link for the folder to anyone that they may want to share the files with.

See final design below...

Camp Twin Lakes Farm

Dean Neitman Written on Thursday, 25 April 2013 09:09 by Dean Neitman

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