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Time For a Camera Upgrade E-mail
Written by Dean Neitman   
Tuesday, 24 June 2008 00:00
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So, over the last 7 months, I have been using a Nikon D40 for my photography. I purchased it new from Walmart in November of 2007 mainly for purpose of a photo shoot that I needed to do for a client whom had wanted a website and advertising package for their new business.

Previously, I had been using a Nikon Coolpix 2500 point and shoot camera which I really loved because of the swiveling lens that made it great for shots from odd angles. I used it many times to take shots from near ground level for an interesting and uncommon angle. I still have this camera and it does still work but the photos it takes aren't as great as they were when unit was new. The camera has been through it fair share of abuse including a motorcycle accident in which its housing was cracked so I don't blame the camera. In fact... I appreciated the fact it still worked after such a hard knock.

So when a client asked if he could get better photos for their website, I mentioned this would only be possible with commission because previous photos were complimentary. Client agreed better photos were worth paying for so this is how the D40 was justified.

Recently, I had desired a longer zoom while photographing wildlife and considered looking into something longer than the 55-200mm Nikon VR lens I use currently. That's when the idea of new camera with more megapixels came to mind. More megapixels means I can crop down further on my photos thus acting like a zoom and still allowing good size photos and without the drawbacks of the long zooms such as barrel distortion, need for larger apertures and vignetting.

So, I considered the new Nikon D60. This looked like an excellent step up from the D40 with 10.2mp. I really liked the features of the D60 for the price. I was persuade away from it however after a friend noted the drop in prices on used D200's due to many upgrading to the D300. After some thought, I decided the D200 would be more desirable because of the more sophisticated AF system and metering system plus its tad faster.

I think I could even appreciate the added size and heft of the D200 vs. the smaller D40, D40x, and D60. At first, I really appreciate the compact size of the D40, especially after adding leather wrist strap that allowed me to carry the camera in palm of one hand effortlessly. However, this compact size and leather wrist strap weren't so great when it was time to fire off the shutter or making adjustments. I usually had to pull my hand half out of the wrist strap to operate the shutter release. I am hoping the larger body size of the D200 makes this a little more ergonomic for my hand and this wrist strap because I really don't care for the standard neck straps. We will see as I get some use from the new camera. Report to follow.

Dean Neitman Written on Tuesday, 24 June 2008 00:00 by Dean Neitman

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