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My Nikon D200 Comes Home, Again E-mail
Written by Dean Neitman   
Wednesday, 28 September 2011 16:34
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Nikon D200 PhotoBack in June this year, I had issues with my Nikon D200 DSLR camera and was bad enough to require repair. The problem I experienced came during a photo walk in downtown Dayton.

I started shooting bracketed shots for exposure of this really nice modern building when the shutter stuck closed during the fourth shot. The LCD readout on top flashed "ERR". Powering it off and on did nothing and still gave error message.

Reluctantly, I sent it of to Nikon for repair. I said that because I had heard some bad stories about Nikon service and wasn't really in a spot to pay for the repair.

Thankfully, I had some money in my Dreamstime account that help me pay for the repairs. $250 dollars later and I had the camera fixed and back home. Nikon had said they replaced the LCD and power unit which they claim was reason for the "ERR".

I personally thought this sounded odd because I felt there was an issue somewhere inside the body with the shutter since it had literally was stuck in the closed position. The camera worked so I just ignored my thoughts and started carrying it with me to work again.

Then, around 600 shots and two months later, it did the same thing to me while I was shooting bracketed exposures of perspective railroad tracks. The shutter closed and wouldn't open and LCD once again flashed "ERR". I even had trouble turning it off.

Removed the battery and contacted Nikon once again to check their repair warranty. They apologized for the issues and immediately sent me a return mailing label to ship it back to them.

I got noticed they received it and watched its status online almost each day. It seemed to me that it was in the "in shop" status for a bit longer than last time around. I was about to give them a call about it when I checked the status again and noticed it had gone to "bill" status.

I was a bit confused because the service was free and was hoping I didn't have to argue a bill. A couple more days went by and was just too busy to get a chance to call during the day about the status. Then I come home to see a package on my porch.

Excited, (yes... I like getting packages, especially if it's a camera) I open the box like a Christmas gift and see an invoice. Of course the invoice says zero due but I was more interested in seeing what work had been performed.

I read the work performed and was pleasantly surprised. The list of work done was impressive. They had replaced the aperture operation, repaired something called lens FPC, adjusted auto focus operation, adjust mirror angle, adjust auto focus unit, checked communication, cleaned the sensor and provided a general check and clean.

I think they really wanted to make sure it didn't come back again. I thought it was nice that they went the extra and actually made all those adjustments and cleaned everything which I understand from others usually cost extra aside from service cost.

I am getting my camera kit back together and charging batteries. Will have the D200 back out soon for some testing. If it works, everyone will know by the surge in my photo posts.

Dean Neitman Written on Wednesday, 28 September 2011 16:34 by Dean Neitman

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