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Written by Dean Neitman   
Friday, 23 September 2011 18:28
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Interstate Ford Celebrating 30 Years LogoI honestly love it when a client is happy with my work because that means I did something right. Often, as an artist or designer, we don't always completely understand what the client has communicated to us. Sometimes, we think we understand but later, we find how wrong we were.

This was one of those times when I had a good working relationship with the client. I had already done many sliding billboards, 300x250 banners, and 728x90 banners throughout spring and summer for the advertiser so I knew what he liked which gave me an advantage.

The advertiser was celebrating their 30th anniversary and needed a logo to promote the event. His only requirement for the logo included use of three colors, red, blue and white. He also wanted to make sure his original store logo was included and represented correctly because it was distorted in past when someone recreated it. He also provided a line of copy to include.

First, I rebuilt his original store logo again in Illustrator to make sure it was just as it appears on his website and the example he sent. The result was an exact replica in vector CMYK that is perfect for print and can be converted to bitmap format as needed. I also prefer vector because it will reproduce at any size and retain the quality and sharpness.

I know many might wonder why I created it in CMYK first. If I had created it in RGB, there could have been a good chance the colors chosen in RGB wouldn't have translated well when converting to CMYK. In my experience, you will always get better color consistency if you design in CMYK first and convert to RGB later.

Then, I started work on his 30th anniversary logo. I didn't have much time because the logo needed to be used immediately for print advertising as well as digital on-line advertising. The pressure was building. I had to produce something good and quick and didn't have time to try sketches or multiple versions.

I was able to finish the logo in a little over a couple of hours. I probably would have been quicker but I did scrap the original idea after my initial layout wasn't working. It was hard to ditch it with time counting but I had a new idea that screamed "do me".

The resulting logo shown above was finished before noon and sent to the client for approval. Within a half hour, I had received an email that said... "Outstanding! Or, if you prefer... BAM!" and was told it was exactly what he was looking for. Within another hour, the logo was already on his website and being built into newspaper advertising and I think I was told it would probably appear in a business magazine and television as well.

Another satisfied client. In a day that was truly hectic and filled with pressure, the compliments and enthusiasm for my work made it all worth it. I was glad that I could provide a quality design in short time for a client previously unsatisfied with another designer's offering and keep my company in good standing with the advertiser.

Dean Neitman Written on Friday, 23 September 2011 18:28 by Dean Neitman

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