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Watch What You Eat or Drink Before Bed E-mail
Written by Dean Neitman   
Wednesday, 15 June 2011 00:00
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Scared GuyOk, so here I set typing on my work laptop at 5:17 a.m. from my bed. Nearly an hour and half before I normally arise for work. What is even worse is the fact I didn't get to sleep until 3 a.m. which means I only slept for approximately two hours.

Did I sleep for those 2 hours? I have to say that it was a the best sleep for two hours. I know this to be true because I awoke with my heart pounding like I had ran a mile. I lay motionless in the dark trying to comprehend why I had awaken so early and why I felt so... panicked?

Once I was able to calm myself down, I started to think a bit more. I know I am in bed and should be sleeping as I glance at my clock. Oddly, I seem to have a this feeling of anxiety and dare I say... frightened state. It is then, I start to recount my dream I had just experienced.

Being an artist and creative person, you would think I dream a lot in my sleep. I really don't. Dreams are rare for me. Nightmares are even more rare. That is what I experienced last night, a nightmare with a storyline that could only be found in a movie. Never have I experienced anything quite like this and that inspired me to write about it. Afterall, I really don't think I am going to make it back to sleep now.

If you are still reading this, I assume you are interested in hearing about my nightmare. Grab a bowl of popcorn and sit back. I will tell the tale that haunted me and left me breathless early in the morning.

It started with myself at home. Only, I wasn't in my nornal home, I was a nicer home. The type of home that could could be called a mansion I suppose. Nice and elegant throughout. I wish I had more details to descibe my home in this nightmare but I wasn't there that long.

You see, having a nice home like this must make you a target because I was kidnapped by a group of people. While enjoying some television, a small mob burst into my home. No guns, no knives being wielded, just brute force with numbers and speed.

I was quickly attacked with a punch with drop me. I hadn't even had the time to prepare a reflex for the coming shot. I just fell to my knees while being over whelmed by several men who preceded to tie my hands behind my back.

I remembered they argued a bit. It seemed liked they were following a plan but one of them wasn't happy with how the plan had been playing out. Still dazed, I was quickly tossed onto the shoulder of the largest of the men. He had no problem hoisting my 200 pound, six-foot body leaving me to believe he was either a football player or a weight lifter.

It wasn't just the three men either. There were 2 ladies. I first heard their voice when approaching the door still on the shoulder of the large man. "Yeah, it's clear. Lights are out and no one on the street." I heard one say as we approached.

Just as we got passed the doorway, I overheard her tell the other woman to turn off the lights and lock the door. I assume that was to keep suspicions at bay and to appear that I had just left the house.

Like all good abductors, they had a panel van with no windows in the back. I was loaded into the middle seat. Still a bit hurt and in shock, I fell against the driver's side wall still unsure what was happening. I was cold, hurt and scared in a strange vehicle with only jeans and a t-shirt on. No shoes, no socks, and no jacket, only what I had been wearing while relaxing in my luxurious home.

I know, first red flag here. If I had such a nice and expensive home, why was I lounging late at night in a t-shirt and jeans and not something like a set of silk pajamas? My only guess is his is what my mind is accustomed to me wearing before preparing for bed. Just my normal daily wear.

Back to the van. As I laid against the inside wall, the man whom carried me sat next to me while the two ladies climbed into the back and the other two men took driver and passenger seats. The van then slowly pulled away. It seems they were intelligent enough to not draw attention by speeding away.

The ride was short. I know we didn't go to far because the van never hit a speed that felt more than 35 m.p.h. and whole trip seemed less than 30 minutes. I glanced at the man in the front passenger seat as we traveled. He was tall and skinny with short military cut hair and dressed in dark clothing. Didn't seem like black clothing but it was dark for sure. He pointed out a police cruiser at gas station as we continued to our destination taking a pause to give me a quick glance.

No one talked much during the ride. I could hear the ladies mumble something from the back but it was quite. Too quite, really. The city streets were also quiet. It was dark and according to my best guess, probably around 11:30 p.m. so most folks were fast asleep or retired to the security of their homes. At least they think it is secure.

I just got out of my bed and moved this nightmare report to my couch in the living room. It's 6:15 a.m. now and the laptop battery was near empty. It is old and doesn't hold a charge as long as it used to. I also opted to grab my last M-80 Monster energy drink from the fridge. I too feel the need for more "juice". Laptop is plugged in and I am continuing the story while it is still fresh and nearly vivid in my mind.

Soon, the van pulls into a driveway and I hear garage door. I look up to see a startling sight. We are about to enter the garage of a home I am familiar with. The home of my dear but passed grandparents. Only, this home isn't the real home of my grandparents. Like my home in the dream, it is much nicer and bigger. For some reason, I still associate the home with my grandparents and I know every square inch because I had lived in it throughout the last two years of my time in college.

The garage door closes behind us as we enter and the two men in front exit the vehicle. The two ladies behind me seem anxious to get out as they move closer to the van door. They stare at me, one with gorgeous eyes and blonde hair lit by the interior dome light and the other a brunette with a busty chest and tanned arms and face.

The van door opens from the outside and they quickly step out and scatter. The beast that nearly knocked me out grunts as he grabs me with one hand on my shoulder and one grabbing the back of my jeans and forces me out of the van. I fell down to the concrete on one knee as I tried to step out. I was conscious but not totally coherent and was having trouble balancing myself.

The big man shoved me into the wall of the garage as he exited. I was then lying on the cold concrete slab and turned to look back in disgust at the man when I noticed the red curls. The garage light was bright, probably a 100 watt bulb and I could see everything more clearly. The red-headed man leaned down and once again hoisted me over his shoulders and carried me inside the home.

We passed the tall and skinny passenger holding the door open and our eyes met. The light of the garage gave more detail to the timid and goofy looking thug. He shook his head as if he was in disbelief. Something about this motion and his demeanor told me he was not the one in charge and not happy about this situation.

I didn't have much time to think about the role he played before I was tossed onto a white leather couch. Big Red bent down and looked me in the eyes, "Move off this couch and I will beat the shit out of you.", I heard as my eyes grew in surprise.

There I lay with my hands still tied behind my back but slowly I was becoming more aware of the situation. Big Red walked back towards the kitchen and I slowly rolled from my stomach to my side while remaining on the couch.

The only person around the living room was the driver. He was on the phone and occasionally would glance my way as if to check on me. I couldn't hear the conversation but the casual look my way seemed as if he was referring to me. The conversation wasn't more than 10 minutes and ended with the driver looking up at the ceiling and shaking his head. It seemed he wasn't happy with the conversation.

I took a minute to look around the living room. It wasn't decorated the way I remembered when my grandparents had been alive. Instead of the old 70's retro look with pale yellow walls, bright orange carpet and wooden wall art also with the same bright orange and creme art deco designs, it was all clean and elegant with simple white, beige and chrome trim.

It was then, I realized that I needed to escape. The odds of survival seemed slim considering the behavior of the abductors.

Since only one was near, I opted to ambush him. Running at full speed, I plowed into the driver, knocking him to the floor as I dashed for freedom towards the front entrance.

As I was existing the door, I remember screaming coming from behind me as I ran towards a set of headlights that were passing by on the neighbor hood street. I knew I was being chased but never looked back to see them.

The sudden rush of adrenaline awoke me. I quickly sat up in bed and looked around me. It was hard to believe that I had been dreaming. My heart was still racing and I had a bit of sweat on my forehead and it was eerily quiet.

I looked over at my LED alarm clock to see 5:17 am which explained the dead silence around me. I was very awake at that time too. No possibility of returning to sleep so, here lies this story on my blog. Lesson, watch what you eat before bed. I knew it wasn't a good idea to eat that midnight snack.

Dean Neitman Written on Wednesday, 15 June 2011 00:00 by Dean Neitman

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