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Written by Dean Neitman   
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 00:00
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So how did I come up with Synthetic Tone-media? Synthetic Tone is the alias created for myself, Dean C.C. Neitman, back in 2001. I was really into creating electronic music then. I had created a few songs that were getting some decent reviews and even won a contest. So, I needed an alias for the band name for marketing. I came up with Synthetic Tone because I thought was kinda catchy and reflected the sound of my music. I still love music but got away from creating and producing to focus back on the visual side of the arts. I decided to keep the alias Synthetic Tone, however, because this is what many of my net friends and associates refer to me as or many times its just "Synthetic".

As my passion for creative arts expanded to other medias, I decided to turn my home website into a multimedia portal to cover all the creative media I produce from photography, flash animations, web designs, illustrations, 3D art, music, and so on. To coincide with this, I decided to add the term "media" to my name as it covers all media and nothing in particular. I also felt this was a more suitable name to help define just what the name "Synthetic Tone" might be associated with.


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