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Written by Dean Neitman   
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 00:00
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My career path as electronic engineer took a slight turn when I realized I wasn't good with remembering mathematical formulas. I did well in geometry because I could apply many of the theories and equations to things in everyday life but trigonometry was just too much. I could work out problems if the formula was in front of me but remembering the formulas for things that didn't relate to much in the real world at that time just wasn't happening.

So, it was then I looked into the art career. My father encouraged me to pursue a career in art all through high school. He had made a decent living in the art field and figured I should be able to as well. So, I took my love of computers and moved it into the realm of desktop publishing which started by gaining my associate's degree in commercial art from Clark State Community College in 1996. I had struggled in college when my major was undecided but the new direction in art really inspired me to pull myself together and I ended up graduating on the Dean's list surprisingly. I even left a 15 by 15 foot mural on one of their walls with my name on it (was all approved of course).

Soon after graduating, I had started working with our local Clark County Chamber of Commerce as their graphic coordinator. I handled the layout of their business news publication as well as illustrations for the articles. They also let me design a few letterheads and displays. The position was only temporary then and part-time with no benefits. When that term was near its end, I was offered a chance to work in the pre-press area of the local city newspaper which was better pay, benefits and a foot in the door to more opportunities so I jumped literally across the street to a new position.

Learned a lot about printing and image correction for printing during my 3 years in the pre-press department at the Springfield News-Sun and I had made it to top level Journeyman standing. I was trained to not only operate a large format camera but to work and manipulate images for best reproduction. Was a good foundation for any artist I think and feel lucky to have had that experience.

It was 1999 when I jumped into the advertising department and have been working here since. I am now the senior artist for our branch but, that is all changing as we are being pulled into one large creative group soon in another town at another Cox Publishing owned facility. Who knows what's in the future. I just take things day-by-day anymore.


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