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Written by Dean Neitman   
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 00:00
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Self IllustrationA computer geek since the age of 12, when I was first learning to program BASIC code on my Apple IIe computer, I have always loved the possibilities that computers have offered. That Apple was my first computer. I was lucky to have a father who saw the importance of computers early on and saw to it that I was able to have my own. It served me well as a good foundation for understanding computer construction, design and operation. It was also the foundation for my admiration to the Apple brand that I developed later in life.

Yes, I know most people are using some form of a Microsoft Windows machine and don't understand the fascination with Apple but I am a truly devoted Apple fan. I do have a HP laptop with Vista running on it but its mostly for checking my web designs and working with clients. It serves a purpose for me and like my Mac is just another weapon in my electronic arsenal. However, my Mac is the machine I use daily and produces most of my art and photo work.

So when did I become an artist? Guess I have always been a little creative. I always did well in my art classes throughout grade school. Some of that probably was the result of good genes I inherited from my parents. My father was an advertising artist and my mother was always good with crafts. It was in my blood... literally.

I refused to accept this most of my school years because I always wanted to work as an electronic engineer. The world of electronics including computers was fascinating to me and I was very intrigued when it came to the inner workings. Sadly, many toys in my past were subjected to death by dissection when I wanted to know how they worked and if I could make them better because of this curiosity. I was very good at taking things apart... putting them back together was a whole another story. I still think I could have made my RC jeep run faster if I could have swapped out the motor and put in bigger batteries lol.


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